Adopt a Tree


Designed and developed this quick-and-dirty prototype at a 48h hackathon. The mobile app aims to help people protect trees in Tbilisi.

Photo Calendar


Personal blog. Uses Google APIs to load contents. Includes a small CMS for adding blog posts, a commenting function and email alerts.

EasyPeasy App


Designed a prototype in one day, proposing new features and a redesign for an app that encourages parents to play meaningful games with their children.

Time Village


Worked with this social startup for 1.5 years. Planned, designed and developed their mobile-first web app, among other things.



Designed a logo and concept brochure for a creative building project.

Brand Analysis


Analysed two home brands of a drugstore. To reflect the comparison throughout the paper I went with a two-column layout in landscape orientation.

Book Cover


Given the author name and title I came up with a story and designed a book cover to convey the narrative. I imagined a young man entangled in gang wars who one day decides to quit and make something of himself.

Cantina International


Developed a corporate design and communication plan based on a brand and business analysis for this social catering company.



This is a handout I designed for my talk about typography. It was not designed to exhibit "good" typography but the different effects typography can have.